The wetlands at Abbey Farm are mostly formed from the chalk springs and the streams they create. That basic structure has been greatly altered by human activity. One outcome of this is a series of artificial ponds made alongside the few that are probably naturally occurring. The range of pond types includes:

  • Ponds made by damming up the chalk stream
  • Ponds with an artificial water supply
  • Ponds that probably occur naturally
  • Ponds made by digging into waterlogged ground

Read more for more details about these different pond types

For many years pondweeds have been almost completely absent from the farm’s ponds. You can read more about our management response to this and success in rediscovering four water plants in 2016

Flitcham bird hide pond
The pond in front of the bird hide when the springs are flowing and it is full of water
Bird hide pond
The same pond with a low water level. This was taken a few months after the springs had stopped flowing

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