Grey Partridge

UK status:
95% decline from 1960 to 2000

Status at Abbey Farm:
Present throughout the year

Notes from Abbey Farm:

  • There has been a considerable increase in Grey Partridge numbers here over the last ten years
  • Cool, wet summers (especially in June) can be very damaging to breeding success
  • Control of corvids (such as Carrion Crow and Magpie) and ground-predators (like Fox), both of which are carried out at Abbey Farm, is thought to be important in improving breeding success
  • Conservation headlands are specifically aimed at improving the survival of partridge chicks in their first few days when they eat insects, especially sawfly larvae
  • A range of field margin types are likely to benefit Grey Partridges, including mixed margins, species-rich margins and cultivated undrilled margins

Grey Partidges seem to use a wide range of arable habitats over winter (more details). They are often found good numbers on unsprayed over-winter cereal stubble.

Grey partridge
Grey partridge