• We are happy to discuss any of our farmland conservation work
  • Our area of particular expertise is the practical aspects of creating species-rich dry grassland, especially putting together local origin seed mixes for calcareous and neutral grassland. The information in the relevant part of this website shows how we make a diverse, local origin seed mix and illustrates some of the conservation benefits. We would be pleased to help make this work succeed elsewhere in the UK by advising on things like:
    • commenting on a proposed site
    • finding suitable local botanical advisors
    • helping decide which species to collect
    • getting permission to collect from target sites
    • setting up a collecting team and programme
    • setting up small scale seed processing
  • Please note, we are not expert environmental consultants or botanists – our expertise is in making the practical parts of grassland creation happen
  • Generally we only directly supply seed for sites in Norfolk. Outside the county we recommend habitat creation using local genetic resources where possible, but believe techniques like those we use may be appropriate on a range of sites
  • Recommended other sources of information include Flora locale
Small Scabious
Chalk grassland
Small scabious & common blue

Common Blue on Small Scabious